Monthly Archives: February 2020

KHD meeting 2/22/20 Special guest

Shalom, we will have a special guest this week, Kenny Russell of Bulldozer Faith from Israel. Yah willing,  we will meet on 2/22/20 beginning at 3:30 p.m. at Legacy Church, 120 Tickey Drive, in Princeton. Kenny will speak during the meeting and after dinner. We will plan on dinner from 5:30 – 6:30 this week. We will not have the Revelation study this week.

Revelation Unmasked and through Hebrew Eyes

At the KHD meetings, we will be studying the book of Revelation using the video study by Dinah Dye and Ryan White called “Revelation Unmasked”. In addition, we will use the book “The Book of Revelation Through Hebrew Eyes – Lost in Translation Volume 2” by John Klein and Adam Spears. The study will be after the meal time on Shabbats.

This study began 2/8/20 and has 11 sessions.

We will have some copies of the book at the meetings. The book is available at

DVD available from